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Phillip Granke

Creative Professional
Principal at Euvolemic Design


Phillip Granke is a seeker of diverse playgrounds. He is curious and always learning in a broad sense, seeking advancement in art, science, business, and athletics.

His ability to understand and coordinate a wide variety of interests is advantageous in the leadership role of architect and project manager. His fluid use of advanced design, visualization, and fabrication tools grows consensus, saves time, and delivers high quality.

Space is the thread tying together his journey (be it experiencing, imagining, or creating space). His joyful sense of space is rounded by a stewardship for public places and a deep respect for the layers of history and human effort present all around us.

Phillip has been developing a strong body of professional architectural work since 2005. His work has exhibited in Antwerp, Milan, Chicago, and London. He is seeking to expand his global practice with new clients and opportunities in architecture, design, development, and management. Contact phillip at

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A definition of the word euvolemic:

Volumetric balance in relation to the concept of human homeostasis.

It describes a condition where the volume of a space and what it contains are well matched. It is the bulls eye between the conditions of hypervolemic (not enough space / too much content) and hypovolemic (too much space / not enough content).

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