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Metro Stations Warsaw

Warsaw is part of a long-established infrastructure tradition. The new metro stations develop and invigorate this tradition. Existing positive aspects are integrated and updated to meet contemporary building technology. An elegant unpretentious and functional style characterizes the new stations. A harmonious and restrained aesthetic joins urban experience, to architectural volume, all the way to small details such as ticketing machines and benches. Only a coherent design language that addresses a full range of experiential scales will seamlessly integrate into the fabric of Warsaw. 

The stations are optimized spatially and share a similar internal layout to meet needs of maintenance, safety, durability, functionality. Identity is created on three levels : the street, concourse, and platform levels. At the street level each station is characterized by a unique steel and glass entry form.  The concourse wall finishes change material and color depending on the stations theme. At the platform, different wall lighting colors are assigned to each station to change a standard wall material into a unique experience. The choice of materials and design accommodates for fire, maintainability, cost, environment, sustainability and constructability. The stations identity complies with all these design restrictions while providing a strong architectural impact for both visitors and daily commuters.

 Stations C6, C7, and C8 are defined by numerous factors depending on each specific site. These include everything from history, literature, urban context, material characteristics, and interaction with adjacent structures. Each station’s identity is a reflection of its context.

Work was completed at SYSTRA in Paris and Wrocław. 3d rendering and post processing by Anton Barnard.