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Knotrush Bench

Knotrush reflects the constantly changing patterns of movement and improvised actions characteristic of urban sidewalk culture. The bench-like structure, a reconfigurable and responsive object becomes a small-scale community space for ongoing dialogue between people and ultimately reflects the values imbedded in daily patterns of action. The possibility of not only using but also altering the structure invites play and interaction with others, present or not. The interactive potential of Knotrush suggests new modes of ownership of public places, even if temporary, and provides a catalyst for conversation, performance, and play in urban space.

Special thanks to William and Stephanie Sick, Richard Grey Gallery, Jaume Plensa, John Manning, and Jan Titchy.

Video by Ben Kolak. Photos by Yoni Goldstein and Jan Tichy. 

Knotrush was first exhibited in 2010 at the show Public Light & Space along with projects by Marissa Benedict, Mitchell Chan, Bree Gomez, Monica Hillermann-Nickolai, Akemi Hong, Su Hyun Nam, Lisa Nonken, Luis Palacios, Bo Rodda, and Ben Stagl.